Thursday, 21 February 2013

syn free cajun chicken

3 chicken fillets
1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper
mushrooms chopped
1 red onion
42g of kerry low low cheese grated used as healthy extra
500g of fat free natural yogurt
cajun perfectly shake spice - 3-4 teaspoons
2 teaspoons of lazy garlic
salt and black pepper
dried tagletelli

chop chicken and veg and place in container with a lid and mix in the cajun spice, cover and leave for at least 2 hrs in fridge
when ready to cook place spiced chicken and veg and garlic in frying pan and fry for 10 mins or so with frylite.
cook the tagletelli while this is cooking.
when ur happy chicken is cooked take off the heat and stir in the cheese (the heat will melt it)
then stir in the yogurt slowly so that it doesnt split or curdle, mix well and add lots of salt and black pepper - serve immediately!!

(we think it taste very like house sauce from kebab shop so wud be lovely to0 with chips)
the cheese is one healthy extra and we split this between two of us.
this meal was completely free for me as i used only half a healthy extra.

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  1. Had this tonight must say by the ingredients I wasn't too sure but it looked delish, I didn't use as much yogurt as instructed but must say I really enjoyed my dinner tonight Thanks very much for sharing :)